BigBlue 22 Fan

BigBlue 22 Fan

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The BigBlue 22 is the most popular fan, throwing long columns of air that can be felt over 30 metres away. They are low powered, running from a single phase 370W (1/2HP) dual voltage motor and they can be wired for 240V or 110V. The popular ways of suspending them is by the yoke or simply on chains. A stroller pedestal base is also available to use the fan as a mobile ventilator.


    BigBlue fans are tough, spun steel casings finished in powder coating. The model 22 is a 550mm diameter fan which is perfect for ventilating livestock sheds. It is the long throw of air they give which means that you need less fans per shed than a conventional fan.

    For cleaning, we recommend using non-corrosive industrial grade cleaners appropriate to any dirt build-up on the fan. Low pressure water can be used but take care not to splash the motor.



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